Märzen (March) beer dates back to the days before refrigeration was widely available to brewers and the only way to achieve the cold temperature necessary for the bottom-fermented lagers was to brew in winter. Brewing had to end around March, as the high temperatures of summer spoiled the beer.

AKA: Octoberfestbier or Märzen-Octoberfestbier.

Pronunciation guide for English-speakers: «maer-tsen». Pronouncethe «ae» in the first syllable like the «a»in «bad». Do NOT pronounce it like the planet Mars with an «en»at the end.

It has glimmering red amber hue and offers fresh hops and warm, toasty malt in the bouquet. The velvety mouth feel and medium body give way to a full malty, sweet flavor and reserved, but firm, hop bitterness.

Let yourself be captivated by its magic taste, dance and sing, enjoy yourself, but remember, it is not as light as it seems!

Food pairings:

Mexican or any hearty, spicy food: chicken, roasted turkey, sausages, pork, charbroiled steak, grilled vegetables, pizza, burgers, fried fish, mild crab cake, smoked trout. Amazing with mango or coconut flan, almond biscotti, spice cake with pine nuts.

Style: Red Lager
Color: Red Amber (SRM 14.06)
Bitterness Units: 21.24
ABV: 5.2%
Packages Available: Twelve packs 22 ouncebottles
Availability: Year round

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