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How to pour beer properly

Undoubtedly, you can properly appraise beer only when it is poured into a clear glass or mug. Many do not hesitate to drink beer straight from the bottle, depriving themselves of the opportunity to enjoy its color and flavor while as color and odor are as important evaluation criteria in forming a general impression of the beer, as well as its taste.

Do not forget also that the brewers pay a lot of time and effort to give the beer a certain shades of color and flavor. “Bugler” also deprives himself of pleasure to get the full experience from drinking beer.

When the beer is released from its temporary imprisonment, whether bottle or can, reveals its subtle features: there are subtle nuances in flavor and tastes hidden before.

Form of glass and mug also has effect on the taste of beer. In the world there are hundreds of different varieties of beer and, of course, glasses and mugs to match them. Of course, there is no need for each individual to buy all these beer mugs, unless, of course, you’re not going to start collecting beer glassware. In any case, such a collection should begin with a tulip-shaped glass, which admittedly is well suited for all sorts of beer.

So, how properly pour beer into this glass? Technique is quite simple and is applicable to other types of glasses.

First of all, make sure that the glass is perfectly clean. If the glass badly washed and stored improperly, on its walls may be the remnants of the previous beer, lipstick, soap, dust, which will prevent the formation of a good beer caps and adversely affect the taste and smell of beer.

Keep the glass at a 45 degrees angle and pour the beer, trying hit the middle wall of the glass. It is not necessary to shove the neck of the bottle into a glass, strive to leave a small space between the edge of the glass and bottle.

When the glass of beer is half filled, return it to an upright position. Without stopping, continue to pour beer into the middle of the glass. It will prevent excessive foam and create the perfect beer cap, and you can at once pour all the beer from the bottle into the glass.

- When you pour a wheat beer, for example, or other beer which contains yeast sediment on the bottom («bottled conditioned»), be careful, do not shake the bottle, otherwise the yeast will provoke rich foam! Carefully pour the beer into the glass, leaving the sediment in the bottle, after that shake the bottle and add the yeast sediment. But if you do not like the yeast sediment, nobody forces you to refill it. This technique will allow you to just avoid getting sediment in beer.

- Do not pour beer in a dirty glass or mug! Doing that, you cannot get perfect beer look and ideal foam cap.

- Please do not refrigerate your mug in the fridge. Frozen mug, thanks to condensate, absorbs all odors other products of your refrigerator, which then will join to the flavor of your beer. In addition, frozen mug will lower the temperature of your beer, not allowing it to uncover itself fully, and moreover you will never get foam head.

Do not try to “drive” the whole bottle at once into the glass. Do not be upset if something remained in the bottle. Just do some mouthfuls and then top up the remainder. By the way, it will support the foamy head.

Let your beer be always cool and you satisfied!